About Joshua Hunter AKA JoshNZ

My name is Joshua Hunter.
As you may of noted from any of my work you has seen I can spell for shit. That one fact has fuck with me BIG TIME over my life.
Would YOU hier a dislexic programer? How can he code if he cant spell?
If you have ever used a VB you would know the answer... Shift Space. I wish word had that.

This page was made for my profinder app, but will have all my work on it some time soon'ish.
That includes

  • 3DP (All vershions I still have)
  • Fallout mods (manly Animated Prostitution F3 and NV)
  • Profinder
  • System saver and other VB6 apps. (Dang win7 not supporting VB6)
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