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What is profinder?
Profinder is a web cam chat program that lets you find people in your local region to chat to.
It lets you surf through a list of Conterys,States and Towns, to find some one to chat to.
How dous it work?
When you log on you are asked for: User Name, Contery, State, Town.
You are then listed as shch and are taken to the browser to find others.
Its that simple.
How do you find some one?
Once you have done log in you have a Browser with 4 list.
The first one is conterys, then states then towns...
The one at the bottom list people in that town to conect to.
Its that simple.

Click to download.

Why use profinder rather then anything else.
The ider is so you can find people to chat to that you might just be able to find in RL.
 I dont know about you but a facebook freand is just not the same as going over to a mate's house to get on it (What ever you vershion of that is :) )
One other big resion is that when I first seen chat rullet I though it was a cool idear but after talking to so meny people I could NOT in fact talk to sucked, and after seeing the 3'rd guy doing ....... we all no what he was doing.... well I just stoped useing it.
Profinder will let you find people you at least know are in your own contery,Profinder allso let you see wether or not thay are male or female so no more seeing...
Profinder will even let you check for other people to chat to but not allow others to conect to you.

Profinder has two main options...

Find Some One To Chat To..
As described just a regional based web cam chat program, Free to use.

Find Some One For Some Intimacy

Same as the chat but allows you to enter/veiw a LOT more info about the listed people..
Free to surf and cheep to list, this side of the project will appeal to people who hate dateing sites but wish to use the net to help with the lonly-ness, that dam nere ALL computer users have at some time or another.

To list as avable for intimacy will cost $10 kiwi a month, thats a DAM site cheeper the listing in the NZ herrald's persional section.
With the following benifits...
1) You can turn it off...
2) Thay can see what you look like...
3) Its cheeper...
4) Its instant...
5) You can catigrise your self better...
6) Its global.
All round I think its a good deal.

As a start up offer I will give anyone who contacts me through the Nexus's PM system a free month's listing
If you ask for it in the Comments sections of my Fallout mods expect to be told to get bent.

Ok Note ...
You might just be the first persion to download and use Pro Finder. So there might just be, More then likely is, just you in the list...
Do us/me a big faviour, just leve the dang thing running.
Dont go... this thing is'nt doing anything... quit , Kill.
Please wait a bit, just leve the thing going, at some stage some one will conect to you, even if its just me. (I try to spend at least 2 hours a day, no net work conection at home you know.)
With a user base of 0 this program is frankly ussless, if you are the first persion to list then it becouse less so, as the conterys buld states and towns , its should grow to be a massavly cool way to meat people from all over the world.

Pro Finder Requires the VB.Net 4 Runtime

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